I've coated at up to 10% gelatin with no alcohol, and have had no such problem.

I use photograde 250 bloom gelatin from two sources. I make my gelatin up as we did at EK as a 20% wt/wt solution. I add 20 g of gelatin to 90 g of water at room temp with constant stirring to keep lumps from forming. I heat the mixture to 60 deg C and hold there for about 1 hour with gentle stirring and then add 1 drop of 10% thymol and chill set.

When ready for use, I dilute by weight to the percent I want with water and melt and coat.

I have coated at up to 1000 mg/sq ft on many different papers and on film support with no problem.

As a check for my methodology, I use 2 grams each of R, G and B food dyes in 120 grams of 10% gelatin and coat this on paper support to test coating and paper parameters.