I have just encountered this site in the last two days and am already very impressed. Although I have only just scratched the surface I have found the questions and answers to be genuinely helpful. Other discussion forums I have viewed seemed to be populated by "tech heads" who for some unaccountable reason want to go into endless discussions about lens resolution figures, and this lens verses that lens. All fascinating stuff, I'm sure but of, to me anyway, very little practical value.

I have not long moved house so I am in the process of designing and building a new darkroom, which will, for the first time for me, have running water. I would have completed this job sooner but my saintly old mum suggested that I have a kitchen and bathroom fitted first.

My main love is monochrome landscape which I shoot on mainly medium format (Mamiya 645 and Exakta 66). My current preference is for older style films such as Verichrome Pan and Efke R25. I have very recently acquired a modest Large format outfit and look forward to facing the challenges of large format photography. When I lived in Edinburgh I used to enjoy street and candid photography. These days you have to be a bit careful. I was once challenged by an irate lady who thought I was photographing children. I must confess to being far more reluctant to take a camera with long lens out on a busy street.

As well as mono landscape I also enjoy photographing flowers in colour and started making my own colour prints (in the darkroom) before I moved house.

Although the last 18 months have been frustratingly barren, photographically speaking, now that I have more time I can't wait to get back into the swing of things.

Well I have rambled on enough. I've got to take the whippet for a walk.