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Jeff, I agree - the rate you quoted is ridiculous. Its kind of insulting to your intelligence to be offered that for a camera like an F5.
But I have to say, from my observation, I still find that an open starting bid generates better response than a reserve - but that is hardly a scientific study on my part!

Hey Peter, I was thinking that since I'm about to sell a bunch of random stuff on ebay, i'll try the scientific method and see what works best and try to share some results.

i guess that you have to set a bottom line. sometimes it is a bit scary to see a high starting bid amount.

to change the topic... selling photo equipment is not always the best idea. if you think about what you paid, and the percentage you'll lose, plus the time you've spent learning that equipment, it may be better to just hang on to it.

going back to the ebay topic... there are also some real losers out there that will buy your equipment, which you know works, and try to shaft you by claiming it doesn't work properly. for any possible ebay seller, i'd suggest requiring postal insurance. it will save you some heartache.

time to stop rambling.