I impulse bought the F100. It is too much camera for me or maybe I am just a Luddite. I have no problem using a nice manual camera. I don't even want to use (the F100) it after reading the manual. I have only shot one roll through it. I want to get a FM3a or maybe a FM2n, two cameras that I can enjoy operating. I used to have fun with my K1000. I am afraid of my F100.
Sooooo....I don't think I will regret selling the F100.
As a matter of fact I will be happy because with the proceeds, I am back to cameras I can enjoy.
I enjoy my Olympus 35RC, my crappy-ass Yashica TL Super, my crappy light seal Yashica Electro GSN, And my FREE Nikon F Photomic FTN.
Ya know what I mean?