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Not to hijack the thread either, but I'm also interested in selling some gear. I've read through all of this and I think I'll subscribe and try this marketplace before eBay - but before any of that I need to know something else: selling price. What is reasonable for 35mm used gear? Should I base numbers off of KEH's catalouge (the photographic bluebook, perhaps?) or some other source?

I really want to turn some stuff around so that I can afford more parts for another camera... I've got a Nikon N70 that has been sitting on my shelf for months, along with some Nikon zoom lenses, old filters, cases, etc, etc. My Hasselblad and I are hungry for film. Lots of film.

What's up with everyone bailing on their Nikons?

Do your research, Will. Look at every source you can and look for an average. If you can go the way of posting an ad here, you'll do well. If you need the money soon, an ebay 3 or 5 day auction might be your best bet.

To ramble on some more, keep a few things in mind...
1. Ebay charges some hefty fees.
2. PayPal (if thats how you accept payment) charges HEFTY fees.

You might sell an item for two hundred bucks and pay 20 something in fees. Not to beat this subject, but make sure that's worth it.

And if you and your Hassy are hungry for film, go the inexpensive way, and check J&C or Freestlye.