Mr King I bought mine bottle approximately 10 years ago. It was from K.R. Anderson a supplier located in Santa Barbara Californication. It was at that time $30 a pint. I do not know how many viscosities are available but specify the 100 version.

I have not seen a brand of film cleaner specified by Mr. Pace. You could use PEC it is about $55/ pint. A film cleaner that I have never used id offered by Techcheminc ( at $15 per gallon. Techcheminc offers a variety of photo chemicals at good prices and from the couple of orders I placed good service and customer response. Mr Robertr Shraeder..I am uncertain of the spelling here.. could tell you what is in the film cleaner.
I am guessing the reason that they sell film cleaner by the gallon is that they have as a good part of their business xray development. Xray technicians are able to regularly go thru more film then even Mr. ULF King. Although their work is more penetrating then Mr King's it seems to me to be far less interesting.