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To ramble on some more, keep a few things in mind...
1. Ebay charges some hefty fees.
2. PayPal (if thats how you accept payment) charges HEFTY fees.

Even if you sell on ebay and use paypal, you will still pay less in fee's than you would if you consigned the equipment to a store to sell for you, the consignment fee's around the country run between 15% to 25%, so doing the ebay route is still cheaper than many of the traditional ways of selling, and I am not trying to start a long discussion, but even becoming a member of apug, if your only goal is to sell your equipment, your going to pay $25.00 up front for the privilage to list your ad on here, albeit if you stick around apug, there is a ton of learning and interaction..

If you except credit cards, your credit card processor is going to charge fee's, I know mine charges higher fee's than paypal because it is an internet business.

So I don't understand this "Hefty Fee's" stuff all the time, ebay and paypal, don't charge anything more than any other business that allows you the market that you can reach through them, or the convinence of having your money instantly, which even in the consignment business does not happen..

My local store charges 20% consignment fee, which is I sold an item through them that sells for $500.00 the cost to me is $100.00 and if the customer purchases with a credit card the store deducts the credit card fee's at 3% so that is another $15.00 so $115.00 to sell a $500 item through their store, the last Item I sold through ebay at $500.00 cost me $29.00 is listing and final sale fee's and I paid paypal about $20.00 for them excepting the payment for me, so that is a total of $49.00. Also unlike having your own merchant account, with paypal and ebay, I don't have to pay monthly fee's or annual fee's..

I just don't understand...