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What is Fomapan? Is it similar to Forte200, JandC200 and Bergger BPF, or is it different film? I have personally never tested or used it.

I have some Fomapan Classic 100, but I haven't tested it yet. From the product description, it may be similar to Efke PL 100.

The Foma website: www.foma.cz

Fomapan Classic 100
A traditional single-layer, silver-rich film. Easily pushes to 200 and 400. Well known as the film that's almost impossible to get an unprintable image from.

Fomapan Creative 200
a T grain film, it is regarded as one of the best medium speed B&W films available with a long scale and tonal range.

Foma Action 400

A traditional single-layer, silver-rich film. Foma 400 is an excellent high-speed film yielding excellent tonal range in a classic emulsion.