The new thread on photo salons made me think that perhaps it would be a good idea to have a regular..monthly or quarterly meeting. At such a meeting we could show our work..I am not suggessting a contest..and discuss technical and aesthetic issues etc. We could drink some coffee even soad pop or wine would be OK. I am concerned that if Mr. b&Wgirl were to attend and drink wine we might end up spending the entire session being involved in a disertaintion on wine drinking. I do not mind it as far as others are concerned but it seems a bit counter-productive for a recovering alcoholic who enjoys giving a contrary opinion and who is unable to experience what he is full of shit about.

Even member from Illinois could attend but I propose that they be charge an entrance fee equal to that I would have to pay in tolls going to Calumet at Bensenville Il.

Digitographers could also attend if they sign a pledge that they are trying to kick the habit and can demonstrate that they are members of DA and have chosen film for a higher power.

Members of this group could take turns hosting the sessions. I think it may be a good idea to have a regular date. I would hope that it not be the sixth Tuesday of any given month because I have already set that aside as my time to learn more about digital.