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I just use a straight edge and tear the paper. It creates nice edge to it.

I have not confirmed it, so cannot be sure. But Rotarim may not be good for Pt/Pd. There is a contact between metal and metal when it cuts. This can be a cause for black spots. That is another reason why I do not use any metal cutting blades against a metal straight edge.

If it is for some other processes, I would assume it should be fine.

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Tsuyoshi and all,

As far as I'm concerned the problem with cutting paper with a Rotatrimmer and black spots is just a myth. I've been using one for years and never experienced the problem.

As for cutting large sheets there are several options which people have already mentioned. There is also a plexiglass riping ruler that you can find online that will produce neat deckle edges by tearling the paper. I don't have one but a friend of mine locally owns one and so does Dan Burkholder's wife Jill. They both swear by the tool.

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