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Hi Scooter,

Do you mind letting me know the product code on your invoice for Crane 90#? The Crane website isn't the easiest to find what you want. I enquired several times but got no reply from them.

By the way, I wanted to buy Socorro from B&S recently but was told they don't have it anymore. Does anyone know if this is permanent?

Thanks again.
Just give Crane a call. They have an 800 number and ask to speak to someone about the Crane Direct Sales Program. You will be directed to someone that can inform you of the products available and take an order. The parent sized sheets come 20 to a pack (23x29). I looked on the label of one of my boxes and it reads, 'Natural White Wove wt 90'. The only thing that resembles a product number is '21469'. There is also a lot number and a bar code.

As for the Socorro you may have to go through the Crane's dealer network to get the paper if B&S has stopped carrying it. That usually means you will need to purchase 500 sheet lots.

Don Bryant