You can make in camera negatives fo use with kallitype. The answer lies in the film used and testing.
I assume from your statements about chemical dangers that you do not use one of the staining developers.

Begin with a medium speed film, I prefer FP4+, and increase your normal development time about 40% to start. A quick test for development time would be to expose three sheets of film identically. develop one normally, one 40% longer and one twice as long as normal.
(Faster films do not expand as well as medium and slow speed films.)

Print each of them on kallitype and decide which yields the print closest to what you like. You will likely discover that your development time will fall somewhere between two of the times used and you can adjust accordingly.

As far as developers for kallitype go, some are less hazardous than others. Ktypes will develop in an amazing variety of things. I have even developed them in 7-Up when demonstrating this fact to students.