Black Dog,

I'm not an expert on these, but I did some research on using these lenses on 8x10 as I may buy a 355 G-Claron. All are process lenses. The G-Claron is a 6-element plasmat and has a lot of coverage for it's size, so lots of movement for a G-Claron on 8x10. A WA G-Claron is reported by some as an enlarger lens used on shorter column vertical enlargers. Some have reported that WA G-Clarons are soft at infinity.

A Repro Claron is a 4-element dialyte like an Artar, with much less coverage. A rule of thumb for the dialytes is that the focal length you need to be useful is about the same as the required format diagonal. So about 310mm diagonal for 8x10 vs 305 for the focal length. So you should be able to use a 305 Repro Claron on an 8x10 but you will not have nearly as much movement as with the plasmat G-Claron.