Looks like it is either Platine or COT320...

I have been printing Gum over Pt/Pd on Artistico Extra White. I also make straight Pd prints on them too. I like it very much so far.

I sometimes print on the back side of the paper on AEW or even Platine. Though I cannot be definitive since I have not done that much. But sometimes those "wires" get in the way of images. I rather see the texture of paper than "wires."

I want to try Vellum paper and Beinfang 360. Beinfang is Lois Conner's paper which I have seen some prints of. I have tried it with cyanotype and vandyke, and it is very delicate when it is wet. I have thicker vellum paper sitting in my drawer...

I sometimes wonder why people like Platine so much... Any thought?