Hate to say it, your very wrong, the store I worked for, I was in charge of the Used department, and we did not do anything other than show the camera to someone who asked, we did not sell!

How can you say ebay don't do anything to sell and item for you, they have currently been running a 22 million dollar TV ad campaign, the "it" campaign, could be very important if it happens to be your "it", that the person who cruises through ebay is looking for!

You don't need to try to explain how ebay works to me, I would not have a business that is as big as it is WITHOUT ebay, that was the least expensive way I could advertise my products, I sure as hell could not afford a magazine ad, that might get me 20K exposures, but I could afford ebay, that could get me up to a million exposures a day! for very little money..., very limited thinking in your part Jeff, the basis of business in America is go out and be fruitful, but I will be damned, every single time someone figures out a way to do it, every body bitches, ebay does not do anything different than any other company in America does to make money...but please get over the "Hefty" fee thing, cause for the most part, their fee's are less than most traditional methods of selling you product to a LARGE audience. I have spent far less money in ebay fee's and paypal fee's that I would have spent to run 1 monthly ad in a national magazine, a full page ad in Popular Photogrpahy is over 10 thousand dollars, that is not for a year, that is for 1 single time!!! Hell, evey View Camera Magazine, wants almost $500 buck for a 1 time 1/3 page ad, that has the possibility of reaching at most 10K readers over the period of time it is on the newstand, and don't get me wrong, I understand advertising costs, I used to own a Magazine publishing company, without ad's you don't print!

I forgot to mention the office they maintain in Washington DC, that spends 100% of their time lobbying Congress so you don't have to pay a Garage Sale Tax, or the many officies they maintain in several states, so they don't institute the internet tax on personal sales, do you want to pay taxes on the items you sell at a garage sale or through a classified?, I sure don' seem to forget the many things that come into play here..Ebay is free enterprise at its finest, and they do a lot to ensure we as normal people in America are not loosing most of out money and profits to the Government who is every single day trying to figure out how to tax the hell out of us..on personal sales.