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Hi Kerik,

I m remembering we used Fabriano and Cot 320 in your Gum over Platinum class, those results were quite nice....any updates or new info.....thanks for the tip on the Clearpoint rag...

Dave in Vegas

Too much Moose Drool has clouded your memory a bit... We used Fabriano Artistico Extra White and Rives BFK 280 GSM white. COT 320 is not a good choice for gumover due to registration issues. Plus, it's about 5x the price of Fabriano. I am still using those 2 papers for gumover; usually Fabriano. Whatman's watercolor and Whatman's printmaking also work well for gumover, but they are much harder to find. For a while they were no longer available in the US, then I heard they were again, although I haven't confirmed that myself. I've still got about 100 full sheets in stock.