No Jeff I have not advertised anywhere yet. I am a teacher and have been a little busy.
I have questions about strategies for selling the camera on ebay but I don't really want to ask them because APUG is not really the place for discussing EBAY strategy. I have never sold anything there (EBAY) so I will have a zero (seller) rating. I think I will advertise here too. I don't have a digital camera so I am going to have to take some photos of my stuff and go to walgreens or somewhere and get them transferred to disk so I can put the images on my computer. People are telling me that I should get what I want easily for my gear...about $600 for a LN (used once) F100 and new 28 -105 AF D nikon boxes and manual.
Anyway, I don't want my post to be the advertisement.
I appreciate all the useful advice.

Fellas, please don't fight. Lets leave that up to politicians and the guests on Jerry Springer.