By way of likeness:

Some say Foma 100 is close in look and soul to the almost exhausted APX100 and a very good substitute if not up to the legendary Agfa quality control. Suposedly the same gritty street look in rodinal etc.

Some say Foma 200 is incredible and I believe that scratched on emulsion reports generally relate to the 100 with no reports I am aware of on the 200 having this issue from the box. Aparrently only 200 in speed increasing devs and otherwise boxed as Acupan 200. Some say married to FX39 this stuff literally glows. Roger Hicks rates this film and FP4 plus the same in FX39, about ei 125.

Some say Foma T200 is Tgrain. Others (incl Roger Hicks who says he has seem EM images of the emulsion from Foma) says it most definitely is not a T grain film but traditional.

Once my last 20 boxes of APX are gone I will continue with FP4 plus and thro in some foma as well. The 200 especially sounds very interesting esp as it seems not to have quality issues.