Well firstly I am sorry to confuse the issue by the way I wrote the link. My intellectual glue pot is empty and my mental scissors too dull to know how to cut and paste. I thought that the readers of this article would enjoy the comments made by Zeiss about the superiority of film. The material posted on Imagelink HQ and Spur developers were also interesting thought I. That Zeiss has chosen to rease a photomicrograph of an actual 400lpm result made me chuckle. I do not believe that 400lpm is any necessity. Happy would I be to get 200lpm. 200lpm I beleive is capable of producing more detail in a 4x6 print than I can appreciate..in fact it might possibly make a satisfactory 5x7. Of course I was concerned that a certain gentleman, who I will not identify, not see this materail. Too dear to me by far is he and I would hate to see him have a cererbral hemmoroid of a fit of catonia.