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Its a very nice looking camera...modern Zeiss glass on a solid rangefinder would be fun to own.

I suspect, though, that this will be prohibitively expensive for the average shutterbug and attractive to a very small market. The hurdle that they must get over will be the "What do I do with the $1000.00 that I have to spend on a new camera?" that would be the upper end of an "average" amateur would be willing to splurge on a new system.

(Don't beat me up on the budget issue. I am being fairly arbitrary here...and interjecting my own subjective viewpoint. But think about who and how many buy 35mm film systems over $1000.00 and who doesn't and you begin to see what I mean...)

I would love to have one...but won't be willing to spend more than about $500-800.00 on it. jmho

First off, Zeiss is currently selling ZM lenses for Leica M mount, so you can get them for rangefinders.

The 50 f1.4 is well within your price range for the ZF and ZS versions ($499USD), but the 85 is around $1000, of course that is what new AF 85's go for (The Nikkor is about the same price, the Canon EF 85 f1.2L mk II is $2500USD).

These are priced reasonably. Better than some equivalents as a matter of fact.