>>>""I have just started doing alternative processes and found Dan Burkholder's book "Making Digital Negatives for Contact Printing" a life saver. It has all the information you will never need as well as plenty of useful items on the CD""

... Been there and done that. I made some nice VDB and Cyanotypes with them but the curves really are for pt/pd and there is a loss in the tonality with these digi negs. I will still make some digi negs but now will try to make 8x10 in-camera negs if I want to contact print. I have never gotten enough density on any Pictorico film to do AZO correctly or make a Kalitype that looks as good as one made with a good pyro neg. I am not so concerned with the resolution as with the densities although when I jump into Aubumum, it may be a consideration.