After years of using 2x4 and electrical conduit to hang fabric drops and blankets, I finally got fed up and bought a stand and pole set up by JTL. It works for about 10' on two 9' stands for $110.00 locally. More then adequate for home studio use and is about as cheap as you can get. It is not much more then buying a couple of equivalent strength light stands would cost you. BTW they sell 12' also.

Then you get to spend more money on backdrops cause that old blanket just doesn't cut it any more. For drops you can get paper rolls or painted muslin, but you can also go cheaper with painting your own muslin or use velour blankets and sheets. I have a painted muslin that I got used but often use a dark blue and a white velour blanket that you can change with colored strobes. The dark blue for instance photographs as pure black to pale blue depending on the lighting.