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But, interestingly Fred Picker did believe almost every picture should have a bit of maximum black and maximum white (or at least Zviii).

In the last years of his newsletter he was advocating determining exposure by picking the high value and placing it on Zviii. (He also advocated making a second exposure with the high value at Zvi1/2 so that one had choices when printing. I believe this was after he began selling multi-contrast paper and heads.) Anyway, when I started putting the high value on Zviii and letting the shadows fall where they may, my pictures really went to hell.

With all respect to every member of APUG, I hold Picker in the lowest esteem possible. This is only my opinion and I will not get into a flame over it, but he represents the lowest form of commercialism in photography that there ever was. I've seen his books, they are printed on lousy paper stock that will not begin to accurately reproduce an images' fine line or tones. I think this was done on purpose. The images I saw that he sighted as 'good' were muddy and banal. He would take something from Adams and turn it around. Where Adams would say "place the shadows" Pecker would say "Place the highlights". He came up with a print washer that was supposed to revolutionize print washing. It turns out his concept was entirely wrong and opposite to what really happens when washing a print.
He was a man without vision, imagination or talent, but he sure could sell snake oil.

Again, I mean no disrespect to anyone who finds him a god (small g). I just start ranting when his name is used in the same sentence with Adams.