A lot depends on what your personal vision is like.
I personally feel a great deal of achieving any goal rests of being able to edit images yourself.

If you're shooting b&w and don't have access to a darkroom then purchasing an enlarger or access to one should be part of your budget. I've seen some terrific deals on 35mm enlargers. (free to $25)

If you have the processing end taken care of and the 250 is just for film and stuff once again it comes down to what you want to shoot.

Last summer I shot most of project with an old minolta xg9 and a 35-70 zoom. I've got a couple prints from it in my personal gallery. I didn't need filters or anything. Just film, processing, gas and lunch.

My other project has been buildings and for that I've found filters have been necessary.

hmmm a les mclean workshop and a couple good books were good investments as well. Didn't change my shooting much but my prints sure got a lot better!


PS my technically my 50mm prime lens is sharper. Does it matter for the prints I'm making? Not one bit.