For winter solstice (I don't celebrate Xmas) I bought myself a RH Desgins Analyser Pro. Now that I've had time to work with it, I thought that I would give a few of my thoughts.

First, the F-stop printing function is worth the price, even if it did nothing else. It took me about a week to start thinking this way. Now I don't ever want a regular seconds timer ever again. However, the test strip function absolutely rocks.

Second, and likely the part everyone wants to know about. The hockey puck-like sensor. This is the only enlarging meter that I've ever used. So, while I can't compare it to other meters, I can say that it works quite well. However, it does have it's quirks.

I have yet to catch on to the whole idea of visualizing the print using the calibration bar.

The densitometer function doesn't agree with my tranmission densitometer; however, it is consistent. Thus it's quite useable. FYI 1.3 above base fog on my densitometer is about 1.1 on the Analyser pro.

With a stouffer 4x5 wedge I recalibrated everything to my head (Durst CLS1840) and paper (Ilford Warmtone FB).

The coolest thing about the sensor is that I can adjust for different paper sizes quite easily. I simply meter one part of the image and set it for Grade V.

Overall, I am very satisfied with the Analyser Pro and would rate it highly.