The problem is every time I go downtown to shoot landscapes there is a damn homeless person! Fortunately, I can still shoot pictures down at the Clinton Presidential Library because our City Fathers made a point to clear them out from the area before the opening. Unfortunately, now they are everywhere else. Panhandling at Walgreen's, pushing their carts on the sidewalks and even sleeping in the park! As of a few weeks ago, the Mayor agreed to lease a building that is open for 30 MINUTES every morning so the homeless can come in off the street and get stale donuts and coffee. This is a major accomplishment, since the homeless outreach organizations were banned for going to the homeless camps and feeding them under the bridge. It was considered loitering.

(Please note, the above was written in a facetious tone)

There was a girl in my photo 2 class last fall who obtained a grant to study the impact of "urban revitalization" for another one of her classes. She found some old urban planning studies from the 70's that touted their big plans and went in to those areas and photographed the results. She also went down to the neighborhood around the Clinton center that has been declared blighted and is slated for urban renewal to interview the residents and did a photo documentary. She unbound the urban planning report and added in her own narrative interspersed with the images she made--it was a very powerful counterpoint to the report.