Hi Guys, I recently bought a 5 Litre kit of Tetenal C41 thinking, wrongly, that it would be the most economical way of doing C41. I was told by the salesman that the chemicals could be split and I would get about 80 films from the kit. Subsequent research has revealed that they will do this if used in a particular way, i.e. 4 films in one tank and used over a short period of time. The amount of processing I do means that the shelf life will expire long before I use all the chemistry. As an aside the sales rep for Tetenal told me that they, Tetenal, do not recommend their chemicals for Jobo processors!

All my previous C41 processing has been done with a Nova C41 Press Kit. Maximum output 10-12 films, life expentancy about 3-4 weeks. This kit does not come with a stabilizer whereas the Tetenal kit does. My question is this, do I wash the film before stabilizing or stabilize before washing?

Hope to do some processing tomorrow. Whilst I sleep I hope that the answer will come winging over the internet.

Thanks all and good night.