I have split the 5 Liter Tetenal kit as a mater of course... NO problem.

I use a JOBO CPP-2 processor with 15xx and 25xx tanks. JOBO recommends 270 milliliters of solution for two rolls of 120 at a time; I have found "cheating" by using 250ml to be entirely possible, but measure the amount independently of the JOBO tubes. That way, the capacity of 1 liter of solution is eight (8) films.
Possibly, with replenishment, 80 rolls would be possible - I will not take the chance. Everything I do is "one shot".

I always preserve the remaining chemistry by using a 3 - 5 second burst of butane (thanks, Ole) from a Bernz-O-Matic Mini Torch (No, you DON'T light it!!) over the surface of the chemistry.

The "Stabilizer" is used as the last step in processing, before drying - with no following rinse.