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I sure did not know that. Assuming the information is correct, what would be the reason for using a blue base?

Let us know if the sodium sulfite soak removes the blue cast.


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No. The three companies have very different approaches towards base, AHU and sensitising of their emulsions.

Efke uses a clear polyester base for the rollfilm and they use the same dies Kodak, Ilford and others use plus a blue AHU laquer (which comes off in presoak or developing). Sometimes a pink cast is left after fixing and washing and this will clear with a soda bath or some hours in the sun (I hang the cut film in the sheet on the inside of a window).

IIRC Forte uses a plain triacetate base with greyish tone. Havenīt used it in a while.

Foma uses a polyester base, too. But this one has a tint that will not fade or wash out.

Let me cite the spec sheet for Fomapan 100 (from www.foma.cz):


The following bases are used for manufacturing the particular sorts of the film:
120 rollfilm - a bluish polyester base 0,1 mm thick, furnished with a matted
backing which will decolourize during processing. The backing has anti-halation and anti-curling properties and prevents the incidence of Newton rings during

35 mm film - a gray or gray-blue cellulose triacetate base 0,135 mm thick,"

I donīt know which brand of polyester base they are using - many western companies use DuPontīs Melinex which is totally clear by itself.
I picked this up from another thread here on Apug.