My name is Michael and I am a cameraholic.
Thought about setting up a 12 step group to assist and counsel fellow addicts but we could never gather enough members because everyone was off getting wasted on a deadly combination of rangefinders and Tri-X- .
If it holds film a need to have it. NO,I MUST have it!

There is a way to manage your addiction. A methadone treatment for those of us who are fixated with things that go "click" in the night.
Step #1 : Bail out of paypal. That racket is the crack cocaine of camera addiction. One hit of a button and the object is yours.
I found myself at rock bottom last winter. Three in the morning sitting at the computer, staring at an auction that was almost over and just waiting to out bid the other guy for some ole' beater. Knowing all the while that the shipping charge was twice the price of the camera. YIKES!!
Its a sickness but it can be managed.

My name is Mike (not Bill)