As Steve stated, the Repro-Claron is a dialyte type lens. Schneider listed this lens as covering 46 degrees, which is much less than the 64 degrees of the G-Claron. With 46 degrees coverage, the Repro-Claron focused on infinity will cover a circle with a diameter of 260 mm. Obviously, this isn't enough for 8x10. It would work for 8x10 as a macro lens, from 1:5 to higher magnifications.

"Claron" was Schneider's brand name for any lens intended for copying. This covered a range of needs and thus of lens designs. Merely having "Claron" in the name implies no similarity to the popular G-Claron other than the lens is likely well corrected for the reproduction ratios useful for some sort of copy work.

The German headquarters of Schneider has old brochures reproduced in pdf form on their website at Even if you don't understand German, you might be able to understand the tables.