My name is Kent, and I too am a cameraholic.

The best thing that ever happened to me was when (last year) I hit my PayPal spending limit and I couldn't use it until I became a 'verified' member. It forced me to really reflect on whether or not I really 'needed' an item

Last month, I became a 'verified' member, and I've found myself saying to my wife, when yet another parcel arrives: 'But keep it in perspective honey, I don't drink and don't smoke, this is my addiction!!!'

Even though I have a perfectly functioning FED 5V, I just had to go an order a Zorki 4 from Alex last week...Well, I really 'need' a better viewfinder, and it comes with a J-8, and, well, it's not as ugly as the FED etc etc. Justifications be d**ned, I just wanted another FSU rangefinder! I haven't even received the Zorki yet, and I'm already thinking that I 'need' a FED 2.

I'm with Mike on this one, PayPal is like Crack.