Hi my name is Brad and I am an equipment junkie.

(ALL): "HI Brad!"

It all started some thirty years ago. I was just a teen. Someone put a beat up, old pentax in my hands, taught me how to dev and print my own and I was hooked. Over the years, the addiction waxed and waned. I stayed off the equipment for almost ten years once.

A few years ago, after all those years of experimenting with the 35mm gateway equipment, the old addiction flared it's ugly head again and this time, it had taken a bigger form...er, format. I stepped up to 4x5...then a week ago, almost by accident, I moved into the heavy stuff....5x7. I need help. I tried quitting ebay to no avail. A new account under a new name and I was back up and running.

I've got a sinar in the closet. I keep a Crown Graphic in my lunch box and sneek out at lunctime to shoot E6. There's 5x7 Burke and James enroute....and then there's the glass...Oh, G-d, the glass....(sobbing uncontrollably)