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.... only those who have a sense of what they want to contribute to your project will stay with you. .....
This (above) is very true.

Having raised more than one family (one not ours and then a son of our own), I have a pretty good idea of what my level of contribution should/can be when I volunteer.

The volunteer organisers who are followed are the ones who balance drive with understanding. Little Hitlers aren't.

I have been to too many supposedly volunteer events where I arrive, say exactly what my skills and available time are and then realise that what was wanted were slaves and that we were expected to "do as told", not "as able". I leave.

Arts comments are all true, but needed to include that a good organiser is working "with" volunteers not employees. Take what they give if you need it and then say thank you. Otherwise, thank them for offering and politely refuse the help.