One interesting effect of the print exchanges is that people get to see what other people's work is like and how they present it, and that tends to raise standards.

Sometimes, I think, it's meant holding up the Traveling Portfolio, because some member or other has felt that their work didn't measure up and wanted to produce a better print than they've ever made before sending it on. On the one hand that inconveniences the whole group, because the portfolio is delayed, but on the other hand, if the person who hangs on to the portfolio for two months becomes a better printer for it, well, isn't that part of the purpose of the whole thing?

So to those who won't participate, because they feel that their work is superior to the work they will receive in return, I would say--

It is always a challenge to improve upon one's own work, and the print exchanges are an opportunity to do so, regardless of the prints one receives in exchange.

If your work really is that superior, then show some generosity of spirit by sharing your work as Les McLean, Joe Lipka, Clay Harmon, and many other fine printers have done here in the exchanges, and maybe others will learn something from your experience.