I obviously vote 'no'. While I do agree that an excellent presentation will add to an excellent print, you still need an excellent print first. Someone put it best when they said "...you cannot polish a turd.". This idea has had too many requirements based upon everything BUT the print itself. To me, my idea of an 'elitist' print exchange would go something like this:

#1 - The print, that when you look at all your others, you honestly feel is best
#2 - An image that you learned something as you were creating it
#3 - An image, that once you were done, you dug it back out a couple of times just to look at it
#4 - An image that you believe will makes others feel as you do when you view it

Basically...An image of yours that you feel is above all of the other images you have made. After all, it IS about the photo....Right ? Now, I am not saying that you all don't do this now - for I don't know. All I am saying, is that if this were my parade, that is how I would do it.