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One of my biggest issues with print exchanges, and I have been involved in (here and other places) is the respect (or lack of) people give there own work:
- poorly packaged so it arrives damaged
- damaged somewhere in process and still sent (bent, wrinkled or even poorly processed)
- and my biggest issue - not even spotted

If I like an image I can mount it myself, there is no need for the print maker to do that, perhaps the image is excellent, but just not my taste. But sending out prints that are not even finished, with dust marks all over them is another thing.

Perhaps the question is how to teach the difference between a work print and a finished print?
I also will voted no but think this statement should be looked at. I have recieved many prints that would be worthy of hanging if the printerhad taked the time to spot them. Others look like they've been crammed into a bag in rage. Just my 2 cents.