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Hi Sean,
I've been having trouble getting onto APUG for a couple weeks now from my home in NJ (using Time Warner cable). Neither my desktop nor my wife's laptop was able to hit the site. Whenever we tried, 3 different web browsers popped up a dialog box saying (paraphrased) "too many redirects for this url". Interestingly, my wife and her laptop went to a conference for a few days and she was able to connect to APUG without problems via the hotel's wifi, yet I still couldn't connect from home. Today, I am at our weekend house in upstate NY using Mid-Hudson Cable to connect, and all is fine. I expect I will still find I cannot connect from my NJ home when I go back there tomorrow. Any suggestions for remedying the problem are greatly appreciated.

By the way, when I connected with Opera, I could actually watch the endless looping of the page loading slowly, then when the status bar filled, starting right over again. Accoding to Google, this error typically occurs due to bad code.

Thanks for looking into this.

Hi Victor, when you get to your home connection visit this site: http://www.whatismyip.com and email me your ip address sean@apug.org