I agree with you Art, I'm just soft! If I have to get tough, I'll hire you as the muscle! I've actually taken a couple of ideas from your functions already.

On the management side, I run a MS-Access database to keep track of people and generate the associated address lists. When you get unformatted text replies (i.e. not forms that you can rely on being the same format to harvest data from) via email and APUG PMs it does take time to keep on top of it. This month I've had one problem with someone's email that won't accept stuff from me, but by posting in the Forum (idea taken from you) that addresses had been sent, they contacted me and we managed to get it to them via other means.

I am a bit of the opinion that the organisers shouldn't have to bro-beat participants into doing what they've committed to doing. Participants should take on the responsibility to firstly do what they've promised, and secondly, keep the organiser (and everyone) imformed if they are delayed or can't follow through (sometimes these things happen) as we had in the last postcard exchange.

regards, Nige