I am considering purchasing a Jobo CPE-2+, and I am trying to estimate the C-41 chemical costs. The main reason, I want to process my own film is that it sounds like fun. However, I am confused about reusing the Bleach.

Assuming I purchase the 1 gallon Kodak Flexicolor kit, and I use the Jobo Tank 1510 with a single 35mm reel, the tank requires 140 ml of chemistry as listed on the Jobo site. Therefore, I should be able to process (27) rolls of film or 3.8 l / .140 l.

On the Kodak Flexicolor site, they specifically address rototary processors in the following file. http://www.kodak.com/global/plugins/...ls/z131_03.pdf

Kodak says the bleach can be reused, and the maximum number of 400 ASA rolls should be (28) or twice the "sink-line" developer rate of (14) -- see table 3-3.

The obvious answer is -- Don't re-use the bleach. However, the bleach is the most expensive chemical, and reusing it will drop the cost per roll.

Does anyone reuse the bleach, and if so, how often?