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All I have done so far is sent a few people postcards.
Having read, in the other thread you posted, what is expected in a print exchange I feel my current standard is nowhere near good enough, therefore I will be leaving it quite a while before I join. But for me personally it is about giving, the same as at Christmas.
I don't think you should run yourself down Andy. If you take a look through your gallery you can clearly see some excellent work. For example, your "skyrat", the sepia toned window, "pounce" and the morning after are all excellent shots and would more than hold their own in the print exchanges (that's if there was a competitive element which of course there most definitely isn't). I think you could also include your father's shot of London Bridge which again is excellent. I would be delighted to receive any of those in an exchange. You don't need to use fibre paper either, the key thing is to do your best, enjoy it and have some fun.