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One question is whether the browbeating of slackers and rousting of laggards has to happen in public.
I struggle with this one issue weekly. I'd like to get advice on this, as I don't think I'm doing a great job in this arena.

For example, before going public in the last exchange, I decided to send PMs for about a month or so after the deadline. Many responded and few didn't even read their PMs.

Then I decided to post who didn't recieve a print, since it was blind, the senders only would know if they needed to send a print to tell me that they did and something else happened.

Finally, I went public and listed which senders did not send a print yet.

Maybe I was too quick? I don't know. All I know is I hate only this part of being an organizer.

According to the behind the scenes 'deadbeat' list we have about 7 people (some very active APUGers) who have still not honoured their committments from veryt early rounds of the print exchanges. That's over a year ago for some.

So how do we balance 'staying on top' versus 'letting some slack' in the grand scheme? Enquiring minds would like to know!

Regards, Art.