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All I have done so far is sent a few people postcards.
Having read, in the other thread you posted, what is expected in a print exchange I feel my current standard is nowhere near good enough

What I think i read in the other thread was a VERY small minority (look at the poll results!) who think that the print exchange is a way for them to get gallery standard art for free, and everyone else who told them to get lost. If they want 20x16 platinum contact prints exposed to the sun at midnight by naked maidens, and mounted on 76ply hand rolled mount board they can go to a gallery and BUY one.

Print exchanges are about EXCHANGING. You give something, you get something. We're a little better for both. In the sending I see the best I can do, and in the receiving I sometimes see a standard that I'd like to aim for, and other times I see that I'm doing ok. I learn something about me, and I learn something about another member of the comunitee - and that is a large part of what makes it a comunutee.

The ONLY reason not to be involved is if you can't make an exchange in good faith. If you make the best print you can, then no one should complain, or moan or in anyway feel short changed. If they do, then the exchange organisers should kick THEM out.

I dropped out of the print exchange several rounds ago when I couldn't produce a print I was proud of. I should make good, and get back involved.