So I decided to get me a nice used N8008S.

So I ordered one from KEH. Paid a slight premium for an "EX" one.

So it came. Serial number 3105752.

So I put batteries in it, mounted an AIS lens, and turned it on. Did as the instruction book said, set mode to M. Asked the camera what it thought. It told me that it was set to M, no compensation, shutter speed 1/250, aperture F--. So I swapped lenses. Same news from the camera. DUD!

So I sent it back after consulting with KEH.

So nothing happened for a while.

So I bugged 'em. They told me that processing exchanges took time and that a replacement body was on hold for me.

So nothing happened for a while more.

So I bugged 'em. Same story.

Same story.

So I bugged 'em. Hard. Turns out they hadn't sent the replacement because they'd given me a refund for the dud. And they hadn't told me what they'd done.

So I checked my account, the refund had been made. So I paid again.

The replacement camera arrived today. Serial number 3105752. Yes, the very camera that didn't work first try. It still displays F-- with an AI or AIS lens mounted.

I don't give an obscenity whether N8008S # 3105752 works with a chipped AF lens. I bought the body to use with my MF lenses, all AI'd, AI, or AIS, and don't have any AF Nikkors.

!!!!!!!!!!! Perhaps FFFFFFFFFFFFFF! would be more appropriate.

Has anyone here had similar poor communication and flat-out incompetence from KEH?