Just got this email today...

Dear Photographer,

Because you are a valued partner, I am writing to explain the facts behind the announcements Kodak made on January 22nd. I want to avoid any potential misunderstanding about Kodak's commitment to traditional film photography as we experienced after a similar meeting last September.

Kodak remains committed to film, photographic paper, and traditional photography now and in the future. In fact, we will aggressively defend our leadership positions in film and paper.

True, we will accelerate growth of our digital products and services. However, our goal is to grow the total photography category for our mutual benefit.

At the upcoming Photographic Marketing Association meeting in Las Vegas next month, we will introduce four exciting new consumer films and one-time-use cameras and four new films and papers for professional photographers and professional labs. We will introduce a number of new digital products and services as well. These products, and more like them in our product roadmaps, underscore our commitment to photography.

In our meeting with investors and the news media, we outlined the fact that management is already delivering on our digitally-oriented growth strategy. Our new business environment requires a much lower cost structure and you will read about some of the plans we are developing to become more competitive. Our focus now is to take the operational steps to accelerate success.

Our intent in doing so is to make Kodak a stronger, more capable company. A company that is better able to meet your needs today and well into the future.

View January 22, 2004 Press Release.

Best regards,

Bernard Masson
Digital & Film Imaging Systems
Eastman Kodak Company