Well, on eBay, I just bid on a new camera and won, and this camera is a complete, complete upgrade fom what I previously have owned. The camera that I got is the Nikon N60, a major advancement from the Nikon EM. I took into consideration everything that everyone has said, and I've decided to go with a more automatic camera which has the option of being fully manual, which is extremely good for my uses. I will use the Nikon EM like a back-up camera of some sort, but I want to try out the automatic features. Another benefit for me is DEFINETLY the pop-up flash. It saves the hassle of having a seperate flash that I would have to attach every time I needed it. It also has a nice LCD display. I chose not to go with the FG or any of the FM series because of the newer features on the EM. It is a huge leap though, and I will have to get used to it.
Anyways, I looked at the site (http://www.mir.com.my/rb/photography...0/em/index.htm), that was suggested, and it has some nice tips for my Nikon EM. Thanks a lot :-D

Also, thanks everyone for the help and tips on upgrading and whatnot, it all helped a lot
And now I have my new camera thanks to you all :-D