Taken from the NYTimes Sunday March 12,2006
Thought this was worth posting for everyone/anyone considering foreign travel
Several companies which actually pick up and deliver baggage around the world.
www.firstluggage.com or phone (44-8452) 700 670 from US 800-224-8452
Book online or by phone. Track progress online
www.excessbaggage.com in Britain ships bags from home and offices in 300 countries.
Info 800-783-1085 Say they offer considerable savings over airline prices regarding overweight.
Check out also:www.skycapinternational.com and www.virtualbellhop.com
Luggage Express: door to door courier service 866-744-7224
www.usxpluggageexpress.com US and So. And Central America and parts of Caibbean and Europe
Luggage Foward: US based baggage and sports equipment service
www.luggagefoward.com 866-416-7447
Best, Peter