Funny, but this seems to be a problem which cuts across international lines. I think it IS a conspiracy by the "power elite" which has caused this problem. I'm sure if we look deep enough, we will find that Bush, Cheney and Blair, along with the oil companies and car manufacturers, are the ones pulling the strings in a world wide conspiracy. If we were to dig a bit deeper still, we will find that these plots have been in existence since ancient times, and that this society to promote homelessness has been handed down over thousands of years, similar to the DaVinci Code.

"Anyway, because of the greed from the power elite, we have thousands and thousands of homeless in the streets of Vancouver. It's shameful and disgusting and what's worse is people stealing their last ounce of dignity by taking their pictures. There's one a-h_le on the pnut who gets a kick from shooting them, along with Vancouver nickel & dime hookers. Shame! Shame! Shame!"

So I'm wondering, what should be done about this terrible problem? It seems that the simplest solution is the best solution. I think a law should be passed which will imprison any and all photographers who willingly, or by mistake, take pictures of the homeless. This would serve to improve the community by removing the filth of film lovers from society, so that progress can be made into the digital nirvana of the future. Yesterday evening I called the police when a group of three of these sterling fellows started to accost my neighbor. They were using the "m.f." word in addressing him in front of his small children. Yep, wonderful fellows, these three. tim