That bring up a idea/question. If you were to add Glycin to Pyrocat-HD,
would you have the same developer? Sandy?
Just curious. [/quote]

Since Barry Thornton's developers were proprietary formulas it is impossible to know exactly what they contained. However, based on Mr. Thornton's description in Photo Techniques of the evolution of his developers, and the recommended working dilutions, it appears to me that his latest formlas were very similar to Pyrocat-HD.

I have in fact experimented with glycin in the Pyrocat-HD formula. Glycin is super-additive in the formula and if added at the rate of about 2 parts of glycin to 5 parts of pyrocatechin the developer is more energetic. However, I did not find any advantage to the addition of glyicin to the Pyrocat_HD formula in terms of either sharpness, grain size or apparent sharpness. If anything I had the impression that the glycin reduced apparent sharpness slightly, but this observation was not based on extensive testing and I could be mistaken.