The subject line concerns me

I got my first bunch of 120 film (never seen a 120 roll before)
today, and I couldn't wait so I opened one box on the street,
removed the candy wrapings, cut the tape holding the roll and started
unwraping the leader expecting to get to some kind of a plastic
cassete inside or something, when when I got to the actual film tape
I realised that I am holding a core with film wraped around it and
a paper leader around it (no cassetes or anything)

The first thought was: crap, you idiot, you have crewed up this roll, it should have been unwraped in dark.

Then when I got home at took another look, It seems that the
actual film sticks hard to itself and does not unwrap by itself, like the paper does. So my second thought was: maybe I didn't screw up the whole roll

I don't remember wheather the film unwraped by itself like the paper leader did the first time I opened in on street, I just remember realising in shock that I'm suddenly unwraping film so I but it back in the box quickly

SO my question is:

What is the chance that I screwed up this roll? does the film usually hold tight to itself around the core and you can unwrap the leader in daylight, or does the film around the core loosen itself when there is no pressure from the paper leader (so you have to do it in total dark) ?

I should have read something before opening my first roll of 120 film..